Amoxicillin Animal Antibacterial And Anti-Inflammatory Drugs for pet

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Main efficacy: Respiratory tract, intestinal tract, reproductive tract and other systemic infections of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
Suitable for livestock digestive tract, reproductive tract, respiratory tract and other infections.

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500g / bag * 30 bags / piece
For 100g / bag * 100 bags / piece
method of application: 1 package of drinking water 2000 jin 1 package of drinking water 400 jin
Main components: Ingredients are amoxicillin 10%
Description: This product is white or white powder

Product feature

Scientific formulation has reduced drug resistance and greatly enhanced its antibacterial activity, with MIC reduced by 30 times and curative effect increased by 8 times.
high stability: this product adopts advanced enzymatic pharmaceutical process manufacturing, absorption in the gastrointestinal tract is not affected by food
Influence; Fast dissolution in water, stable properties, slow degradation. Conventional amoxicillin (chemosynthesis) fails after 3 hours in water, but this product remains 85% active after 24 hours in water.
This product is absorbed well and quickly after taking internally, and reaches the peak of drug concentration in blood within 1 hour. It is widely distributed in the body and can be quickly
Into the body of the lesion tissue, to achieve the ideal therapeutic effect.
high bioavailability, absorption rate is more than 92% after oral administration.
wide antibacterial spectrum, G+ and G- and penicillin resistant bacteria still have a strong killing effect.
Shelf life (24 months)

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How about your sample?
A: It depends on the quantity you have.
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A: Within 7 days after payment.
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What modes of transportation do you offer?
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