Animal Acid Compound Vitamins For Animal

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Main components: Multivitamin Enzyme Probiotic.

Main efficacy: Comprehensively supplement the vitamin production factors required by livestock and poultry to enhance disease resistance.

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1000g/bag*15bags/ package
method of application: 1 bag of drinking water 1000kg
Shelf life: 18months


1. Quickly supplement the body’s deficiencies of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc.
2. Improve the body’s disease resistance and production performance, and promote growth and development, such as: improving the survival rate, uniformity and healthy chick rate of chicks, improving egg production rate, fertilization rate, hatching rate and feed conversion rate, and enhancing eggshell thickness and strength. , Keep the eggshell color bright and long shelf life; improve the survival rate of piglets, treat and minimize stiff pigs, promote the growth of fattening pigs, and increase the slaughter rate.
3. Reduce various stress reactions caused by group transfer, beak cutting, vaccination, weather changes, water and power cuts, noise, improper feeding and management, etc.
4. Prevention and treatment of growth retardation, stunted growth, and decreased production performance due to vitamin deficiency.
5. It is an adjuvant treatment for livestock and poultry disease, shortening the course of disease, accelerating disease recovery, reducing mortality and morbidity in large groups.
6. The content of VC and VE in the formula is increased, which increases immune function, clears heat and relieves heat, and treats sunburn and heat stress in summer.
7. It can be used for the health care of livestock and poultry, and it can also be used to prevent and treat the evils such as feather pecking, anus pecking, and egg pecking.


Q: Is there any discount for regular customer?
A: Yes. It depends on your quantity.

Q: Any sample for testing before the order?
A: 10-20 free sample, but you need to prepay the freight. Or the sample.

Q: Which kind of payment do you accept?
A: Normally, you can pay by T/T and L/C.

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