Baitouwensan Animal Digestive Tract Medication Treatment Of Enterogenital Tract Infection For Animals drug

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application scope of the product: Indications poultry escherichia coli disease salmonella disease cholera infectious serositis caused by sporadic death if there is a large group of diarrhea row yellow green feces egg production decline or hovering salpingitis can be treated with white head weng powder.

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1000g / bag * 20 bags / piece
method of application: A bag of mix is 1000 jin
Main components: Bai weng, Huanglian, Huang Bai, Qin PI
Main efficacy: Intestinal reproductive tract infection antiviral heat cooling blood insecticide, its effect is heat clearing and detoxification, cooling blood stop dysentery, red more white less and fever and thirst

For poultry enterotoxic syndrome necrotizing enteritis caused by intractable diarrhea effect is significant common symptoms of thin stool such as water over the material turning paralysis can be mixed with pulsatile powder or drinking water
Description This product is light gray yellow powder smell bitter taste
Adverse reactions No adverse reactions have been observed at the prescribed dose
Spleen and stomach deficiency and cold are forbidden
Storage sealed against moisture
Shelf life (24 months)

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