Banqingkeli Antiviral Animal Traditional Chinese Medicine Antipyretic And Detoxifying Animal Medicine

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Main efficacy: Fuzheng quevil, heat and detoxification, dysentery, antibacterial and spleen, induce the body to produce interferon, enhance immunity; this product is a pure Chinese medicine preparation, no drug residue, is a green Chinese medicine products.

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500g / bag * 30 bags / piece
method of application: A bag of drinking water is 1,000 jin
Main components: Plate green extract, isatidis root, Astragalus root, Epimedium, etc.

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promote health and growth, promote nutrition isatidis root and indigo leaf have a broad spectrum of antibacterial effect, its antibacterial active ingredients are tryptamine and indole derivatives, high concentration of indigo leaf has bactericidal effect, indigo leaf has antiviral effect.
Modern pharmacology research proves that radix isatidis has extensive antiviral, anti-bacterial, and enhance the role of body immunity. The clinical effect of radix isatidis was fully proved in the prevention and treatment of SARS in 2003.
The perfect combination of radix isatidis leaf and radix isatidis can obviously improve the clinical treatment effect. Better compatibility with phytophthora polysaccharides.
Type: forage grade natural plant.
Adapted to the pig
Shelf life (24 months)


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