Ceftiofur Hydrochloride Injection Highly Effective Antibacterial Agents For Pet/Animals

Short Description:

Main components: ceftiofur hydrochloride

Main efficacy: Broad-spectrum high-efficiency antibacterial drug for the treatment of cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats, respiratory tract, intestinal diseases, urinary tract, Haemophilus parasuis, streptococcosis, and purulent infections.

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method of application: 10kg/ml, 0.1-0.2ml for three injections for piglets, 20ml for postpartum anti-inflammatory for sows.
Shelf life: 24months
Varieties: General Disease Prevention Medicine
Component: Chemical Synthetic Drugs
Pharmacodynamic Influential Factors: Animal Species
Storage Method: Prevent High or LowTemperature

Product Description

1. What is cefotafuran ?
Antibiotics. This product has a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect and is effective against both gram-positive bacteria and negative bacteria (including lactamase-producing bacteria). Sensitive bacteria are mainly polyclidal Pasteurella, Hemolytic Pasteurella, Actinomycetes pleural pneumoniae, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Haemophilus, etc., and some Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterococcus are resistant.
2. Indications
Used to treat bacterial respiratory diseases in pigs.Sow prenatal and postnatal health care, bacterial gastroenteritis, uteritis, mastitis, etc.

Product features

(1) At present, the most excellent long-acting preparation of cephalosporins at home and abroad
(2) Targeted technology, penetration technology, sustained release technology in one.


1. If I want to get a quote, what information should I let you know?
The quality, testing, purity or standard you need.

2. How to confirm the product quality before placing an order?
You can get free samples of certain products, you just need to pay the shipping fee or arrange a courier to us and take a sample.

3. What are your payment terms?

4. What kind of animals are your drugs suitable for?
Our products are suitable for cattle, poultry, horses, camels, poultry, chickens, aquatic animals, sheep, pigs, pets, etc.

Application: Animal Use
Properties: This product is a suspension of fine particles. After standing, the fine particles sink and shake to form a uniform milk.
White suspension.
product name: Ceftiofur hydrochioride injection

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