Cod Liver Oil for Animals

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Specifications: 250ml/bottle*40bottles/piece
Use 1 bottle of drinking water 2 tons in the whole process, and use 1 bottle to add 1 ton of water to the whole process
Main components:
Main efficacy:
Quickly supplement VA, VD, VE, enhance physiological function, improve production performance; effectively promote calcium and phosphorus absorption, enhance immune function, improve anti-stress ability, maintain mucosal health, and promote body recovery, etc.
Shelf life: 18months

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Place of Origin China
Type Feed Grade Amino Acids, Feed Grade Enzymes, Feed Grade Minerals & Trace Elements, Feed Grade Proteins, Feed Grade Vitamins, Feed Grade Antibiotic & Antibacterial Agents
Efficacy Feed Preservatives, Promote Healthy & Growth, Promote Nutrition
Product name cod liver oil
Application Feed Addictive
Shelf Life 18 months
Usage Animal Feed Additive
Storage 4-30
Package 20kgs/carton
MOQ 1000kg
Sample Available


Our cod liver oil is sourced from the liver of codfish and is rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids. In omega-3 fatty acid, DHA in cod liver oil is good for fetal brain and retina development, EPA is good for preventing cardiovascular disease, vitamin D can promote bone health, vitamin A can maintain vision and improve immunity. We have strict requirements for product quality and production environment, we will not compromise on product quality.

Supplement vitamins provide sufficient energy, improve animal immunity, and promote the recovery of livestock and poultry after disease.

Promote poultry growth and Calcium and phosphorus absorption, enhance eggshell hardness improve eggshell color, avoid cartilage, curl claws, improve survival rate and healthy chick rate.

Improve physiological function, increase egg production rate, fertilization rate and hatching rate of laying eggs: strengthen the repair of laying poultry reproductive system and enhance ovarian development.

Avoid stress reactions caused by flock transmission vaccination weather changes, beak weaning, weaning, surgery, etc.

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