Crab catnip rotating toy ball molar teeth cleaning happy interactive fresh breath funny cat toy

Short Description:


Product Category:Catnip balls

Weight:0.03 kg

Product material:catnip, ABS, PS

Net weight:15g

Shelf life: 18 months

Suitable: Cats

Applicable symptoms:loss of appetite, stomach upset, listless, bad breath

Product Detail

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Product introduction

Electric:not electric

keyword:Pet Mint Ball

Feeding regularly:feeding from time to time

Storage method:sealed, in the shade

Usage:for cat pets

Storage:In a clean, cool, dry place; keep away from strong direct light.


Fresh breath, teeth grinding.

360 degree rotatable.

Cover design, open at any time, effectively moisture-proof.

Can be posted anywhere.

It can promote digestion and induce vomiting when there are hairballs. However, pregnant and sick cats should not use it.

Product Description

Catnip is a natural, non-toxic herb that is not addictive to cats.

Try mixing a little catnip in the room and you’ve got a cat playroom.

Catnip has a sedative effect. Throwing a ball or teasing the team with a cat toy is a great exercise for both you and your cat.


Catnip should not be used frequently, the frequency of use is less than once a week, usually a little bit each time.

Practical Design

The cat toy can be easily attached to the wall or other surface with strong stickiness and won’t come off when your kitten licks and plays. The ball rotates 360° when licked.


These catnip rollers are versatile enough to keep your cat in a good mood and have fun, plant fiber catnip can stimulate your cat’s appetite and help them digest, and at the same time, your cat’s teeth will be gentle when they bite into the pumpkin Effective cleaning maintains oral health, please control your cat’s feeding time and don’t let them eat too much at once.

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