FEIERJIAN Animal Fattening Drugs For Pigs

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Main components: Amylase, cellulase, protease, Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Main efficacy:
Induce food, fattening and promote growth.
Improve feed conversion rate, improve feed performance and reduce feed cost.

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500g * 30 bags / piece
method of application:
A bag of mix is 1000 jin
Eat the stomach, reduce stress, reduce diarrhea, and have strong disease resistance.
Significantly improve feed palatability and feeding effect, promote animal growth, and improve meat quality and milk quality.
Ferjian has the effect of degrading mycotoxins.


Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, induce hunger, increase food intake by 13.1%, and double drinking water
Improve the feed utilization rate, clean the gastrointestinal mucosa, thin and elongate the intestinal tract, and comprehensively improve the feed utilization rate by 18.3%
Improve the growth rate, stimulate the pituitary secretion of prostimulating hormone, endogenous digestive enzyme and endogenous growth factor, protease and amylase, and improve the weight gain by 18-28%.
Improve the body immunity, apply the compatibility of Chinese herbal medicine, strengthen and exorcise evil spirits, regulate the liver and kidney, comprehensively improve the body immunity, and reduce the incidence of diseases by 50% -70%.
Improve intestinal function, add oregano oil and beneficial bacteria, inhibit harmful bacteria, increase beneficial bacteria, adjust the balance of bacterial flora, and reduce bacterial diarrhea by 50% -70%.
Improve the slaughter rate and lean meat rate, reduce the backfat thickness and no fat fat, and increase the lean meat rate growth rate by 33%, and the meat quality becomes ruddy.
Improve the survival rate and production performance of piglets.


Fat erjian + fat prosperous cattle and sheep: protect liver and kidney, long intestinal pull frame, docile, hair bright, do not fight, can effectively prevent and control stiff cattle and stiff sheep to prevent slow stomach retardation, rumen food and all kinds of acidosis pigs: eat fierce long, skin red hair bright, increase weight 30 jin, advance for half a month.Prevent diarrhea, treat diarrhea, improve
Piglet survival rate, pull the skeleton, long stomach, to prevent stiff pigs
Chicken: protect the liver and protect the kidney, do not have diarrhea, greedy, hair bright, long fast, chest width, claws strong, leg muscle full, reduce broken eggs by 80%, extend the peak for 3 months, egg weight each increase 5g, early sell 5 days more than half jin, save feed more than a jin.
Shelf life (18 months)

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