Feikean Pig Specific Drugs Pig medication

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Main efficacy: Promote the repair of immune cells and improve the specificity of blocking pathogen replication;
Actively interfere with the reproduction of the virus;
Adjust the function of internal organs, enhance the spleen and liver detoxification function.
Supplement vitamin C to prevent vitamin C deficiency in poultry and livestock. Can enhance appetite, promote growth, improve feed conversion rate.

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1000g / bag * 10 bags / piece
method of application: A bag of mix is 500kg

Main components

Mannose oligosaccharide, deoxyglucose, antisense nucleic acid, 18 kinds of rare Chinese medicines, including Codonopsis, Ganoderma lucidum, rhodiola, gentian, plantain, Poria, gardenia, habitat, red peony, licorice, red bark, and Eucommia ulmoides.

Prevent heatstroke deaths due to hot weather.  4, can play a variety of drug poisoning detoxification, quickly repair damaged body.
Enhance the body’s anti-stress ability and immunity to the external environment, prevent all kinds of stress reaction, such as broken beak, change groups, feed, epidemic prevention, etc.
Product features and efficacy: Poultry heatstroke in June to September, its performance is: sudden onset of poultry, poultry highly depressed, drinking water, open mouth wings, rapid breathing, gait instability, soft feet, paralysis, sudden death, convulsions, spasms, etc. Autopsy can see the chest and leg muscles pale, like boiling water too hot. There are many molding eggs and other symptoms. Heat stroke in pigs. Its expression is: appetite drops. Drinking water, restless, lethargic, diet waste, serious dehydration, limbs weakness or fall to the ground, tongue protrusion, pale tongue or in high temperature and sultry environment, heat production, less heat dissipation, body accumulation. Frenetic running, jumping, fidgeting, etc. prevent livestock and poultry due to heat stress infection of Escherichia coli, cholera, Pasteurella, etc.
livestock and poultry aluminum, arsenic, sulfonamide drug poisoning detoxification drugs.
Usage: This product is mainly used for pigs. At the same time can be used for cattle, sheep and other viral diseases (plague) prevention.
Shelf life (24 months)

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