Foldable cat litter Basin Drawer litter box for cat

Short Description:

Product Name: front door folding cat litter Basin

Material: as/pp

Specification: folding size: about 50*12*41cm

Unfolding size: about 48.5*38*36.5cm

Independent package size: 51.5*13*42cm

Net weight: 3020g

Scope of application: cat

Product color: high grade grey / olive green / cigarette powder

Product features: folding drawer type

Product Detail

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1. Fully enclosed drawer litter basin: bottom in and top out,closed without peculiar smell.

2. Super large space fat cat worry free: it is suitable for cats with a weight of 20 kg when they are from small to large.

3.Easy and convenient: drawer design, gently pulling, cleaning and sanding are convenient, and cleaning is more comfortable.

4 front door entry, top out single entry splash proof: the cat jumps out of the basin from the top, and a large area of sand falling pedal is used to prevent bringing out the cat litter.

5. Reinforce the horizontal bar at the bottom to strengthen the durability of the litter basin: escort the cat, be as stable as Mount Tai, and be not afraid of falling apart.

6 fold and disassemble, easy to install, foldable and disassemble.

7. Large area hollowed out sand falling pedal, with holes caused by density: prevent bringing out the cat litter, so that the cat litter falls into the cat litter basin, reducing the burden of the owner.

Detail display

Cat’s hair rubbing design: rub hair to relieve itching and bid farewell to troubles.