GANCAOKELI Licorice Granules Animal Respiratory Drugs

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Main components: Licorice flow extract made of processed particles, smooth asthma factor.
Main efficacy: Disexpectorant cough, antibacterial detoxification, relieve immune suppression, enhance disease resistance, slow down stress, improve appetite.

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500g / bag * 30 bags / piece
method of application: A bag of drinking water is 1,000 jin

Making method

Take licorice flow extract, add the appropriate amount of sucrose, dextrin, mix, pelleted, dry, and immediately obtained.
[Traits] This product is yellow brown to brown particles; sweet, slightly bitter.


Take 2g of this product, add 10ml to dissolve, filter, take filtrate, dilute hydrochloric acid, produce precipitation, filter, take precipitation, add ammonia test liquid to dissolve, steam dry, the residue with water to dissolve, strong shake, produce persistent foam.


shall comply with the relevant provisions under granules Appendix 6
Content determination Take about 20g of this product, precision determination, put 200ml bottle, add 100ml to dissolve, add ethanol to the scale, shake well, place for 12 hours, precision absorb 50ml of supernatant, beaker, calculate the content of the test product from the glycyrrhizic acid content, that is.
Usage and dosage: Pig 6~12g; poultry 0.5~lg.
Adverse reactions: No adverse reactions have been observed in the prescribed dose
Notes: Do not use with seaweed, euphorbia, Gansu, fuhua
Adaptive symptoms: fever, bronchial blockage, pneumonia, bronchitis and respiratory diseases
Objects and methods: pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks and geese
The pig 6-0.5-1 g 12 g birds
Mixing materials: 150 kg of mixing materials per 100g drinking water: 300 kg of water per 100g Use 1-2 times a day for 3-5 days
Storage: sealed, placed in a cool and dry place
Valid for 2 years
Shelf life (24 months)

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