Ganshenkang Liver Treatment Drugs For Animals

Short Description:

Properties: this product is brown powder, with moisture – inducing properties.
Main components: Gentian, plantain, Bupleurum, Angelica, gardenia, rehmannia, licorice, Scutellaria baicalensis, etc.

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500g / bag * 30 bags / piece

method of application:
Add 300g to 500g per 1 ton of feed for mixed feeding
Add 200g-400g for every 1 ton of water for mixed drinks

Main efficacy

Free the liver and gallbladder solid fire, clear three coke hot and humid.Main treatment of livestock and poultry hepatomegaly, liver bleeding, liver necrosis and other diseases caused by bacterial disease, viral disease, poisoning disease, long-term medication and so on
Functions and indications: Due to bacterial and virus infection, drug poisoning, visceral gout, feed mildew, protein disorder caused by liver, kidney and spleen enlargement and hardening become brittle, necrosis focus, bleeding point, metabolic disorders, jaundice, urate deposition and tissue trichomonosis.
Duck viral hepatitis, serositis, liver and kidney lesions.
Cecal hepatitis, inclusion hepatitis, renal transmission, atypical Newcastle disease, infectious capsulitis, Escherichia coli, duck viral hepatitis, typhoid fever, cholera, mycotoxin poisoning, sulfonamides, streptomycin and other drugs caused by liver lesions by poisoning.
matters need attention: This product is a plant extract product, with strong moisture absorption, such as agglomeration is a normal phenomenon, does not affect the curative effect.
When drinking water, please use clear water or warm water to stir, so that it completely dissolved, so as not to block the pipeline.
Shelf life (18 months)

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