KOUKUAIKANG Animal Antiviral Drugs Strengthen Immunity For Pet

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Main components: Antimicrobial peptide, traditional Chinese medicine ganoderma lucidum, Salvia miltiorrhiza, cassia branch, cassia branch, red poria cocos, plantain son, Han defense self, Ze diarrhea, cassia branch, knotweed, yanhu suo.

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500g / bag * 20 bags / piece
method of application:
Prevention: Feed 1kg mix at 1000kg for 7-10 days; treatment: 100-150g for animals under 50kg; 1 50-200g for animals above 50kg.If the animal cannot feed due to oral pain, boil the above drugs with water and fill them.

Main efficacy

Purify foot-and-mouth disease virus: the perfect combination of antimicrobial peptides and polynucleotides, on the one hand, directly neutralize the virus, on the other hand, regulate the body, improve the body’s macrophage ability to phagocytose the virus.2. Unique Chinese medicine compatibility: protect the heart with drugs belonging to the heart meridian, force the virus to the skin and mucosa, reduce the pain in animal limbs and mouth, and treat both the symptoms and root causes.There are special effects for diseases such as red burning, edema or wet sores.
Shelf life (18months)

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