Cat angry performance

Many people feel that cats don’t hurt people, but it’s not like that! Proud cats are uncertain. Many substandard cat slaves often force cats to do things they don’t like, disturb them to sleep, scare them, grab their ingredients, and rub them.

Every domestic cat is very gentle, cute like a plush toy, and rarely loses his temper. Although a cat has a good temper, it does not mean that it is not easy to lose it. Moreover, once a cat who looks weak loses his temper, it is very terrifying. Therefore, when you see these five personal behaviors of a cat, you’d better go away, because even a small fish can’t save you under the anger of the cat.

The main performance of the cat’s ears can see the cat’s mood. When the cat is angry, there will be corresponding changes in the ears, and the ears will stand up. Unlike aircraft ears, their ears are not tilted backward, but stretched to both sides. If the cat’s ears look like this, does it mean that the cat is really angry? It is possible to attack anytime, anywhere. When a cat looks at its opponent, its eyes will grow larger, staring at the hunting, and its eyes are full of murderous spirit. Therefore, when the cat stares at you, it means that you annoy it, and the cat may be ready to attack you.

If the cat mainly shows the behavior of blowing hair, then it needs to pay attention, which means that it is aggressive anytime and anywhere. At this moment, you’d better choose to avoid the cat and comfort it when it calms down. Don’t look down on the little cat. Once there is a fight, it doesn’t work.

Cats can make more than 100 kinds of sounds, each of which represents a different meaning that cats want to embody. When the cat is angry, the sound will be relatively low, and it will make a huffing sound. This sound indicates that the cat is very angry, and it is likely to stretch out its front paws anytime and anywhere to enter the state of battle. The front paw is the first weapon for the cat to attack, so when the cat shows its front paw, you should know that the cat master is angry.

If you are doing something that the cat doesn’t like, it’s best to stop acting, otherwise once the cat gets angry, the consequences will be unpredictable. It will instinctively attack everything around it. Even if you don’t make it angry, it is very easy to be hurt by it.

Post time: Jul-21-2022