Do you have any good recommendations for getting a bigger dog?

I myself prefer huskies. I originally wanted to recommend you to keep huskies. Later, you said that you like “spiritual and obedient dogs”, so I put the huskies out. Maybe you have also heard of some characteristics of huskies, which really cannot be linked with spirituality and obedience.

The first recommended dog is: Golden Retriever

Why Golden Retrievers are recommended because they are known as “smiling angels” in the dog world. In addition, among all dogs, Golden Retriever ranks fourth in IQ, which is a high IQ dog.

However, golden retrievers are quite naughty when they are young. Most dogs are very naughty and mischievous when they are young, and they often get into trouble.

Compared with other breeds of dogs, golden retrievers will be very good when they grow up, and it is one of the choices of many families. There are quite a few people who keep golden retrievers.

Golden Retrievers have several characteristics when they grow up:

1. Loyalty to the master;

2. Child-friendly;

3. Simple and honest character;

4. There are many hairs, and the owner needs regular help to take care of them.

If you don’t want a golden retriever, consider a border collie.

The border collie is the most intelligent dog among the dogs.

The Border Collie, also known as the Border Collie, American scientists have found through extensive testing and research that the Border Collie’s obedience IQ exceeds that of German Shepherds and Poodles.

This kind of dog can help the shepherd herd sheep, not all dogs can do this, their personality characteristics:

1. Very smart, the IQ is equivalent to that of a 6-8 year old child, smart is its biggest feature;

2, tenacious character, energetic;

3. Loyalty to the master;

4. It is easy to train, and can be observant;

5. The movements are sensitive, the beasts are vigorous, and some activity time is needed every day;

6. There are many hairs, and the owner needs regular help to take care of them.

The third recommended dog is: Labrador Retriever

This is also a kind of dog that is loved by many families. This kind of dog is also smarter and has a good personality. Many guide dogs are Labrador retrievers, and it is also a good choice for family pets.

However, when many people first came into contact with dogs, they couldn’t tell the difference between a golden retriever and a Labrador retriever. There are still some differences between them, especially the shape of the ears and the length of the hair.

In addition to these three kinds of dogs, there are some dogs that may also meet your requirements: Samoyed, Great Pyrenees, Giant Poodles, and more.

Finally, I want to say that raising a pet is a responsibility, please don’t abandon it casually. If you can, please be kind to those little lives.

Post time: Sep-09-2022