Solutions to pet dog carsickness

It is no longer a strange thing to take a pet dog on a trip. In particular, pet dogs living in big cities, whether traveling, shopping or visiting relatives, will use cars instead of walking. But when the dog gets on the bus, carsick is a very troublesome thing. The pet dog carsick, the owner how to solve it?

First of all, you should take your dog to practice on a car that doesn’t start every day. You can choose the time of daily training before walking your dog. Let the pet dog sit on the copilot and the owner on the driver’s seat, and then communicate with him to relax his nervous fear. Keep training for at least 5 days a week, with about 20 minutes each time. After each training, give the dog appropriate rewards, such as touching, comforting, playing with him, giving him food, etc.

Second, after 1-2 weeks of static training, start the car, but stay in place so that the pet dog can accept the vibration of the car and get familiar with the state before driving.

Third, when the pet dog can adapt to the vibration of the car, it is necessary to start driving training. At the beginning of the training, the car must be driven slowly. After driving for about 50 meters, it should stop at the busy and noisy street, so that the dog can adapt to the noisy noise on the street and various smells on the road.

Fourth, with the in-depth training of pet dogs, according to the specific conditions of their adaptation to riding, scientifically extend the time of each riding training for dogs, so that they can gradually become familiar with the state and feeling of riding, adapt to riding, and no longer have the symptoms of carsickness.

Of course, during training, you should pay attention to that at the beginning of training, the owner should drive slowly and smoothly, and avoid rapid or sudden braking. Several times before the training, the owner needs to force the dog to get on the bus, but in the later training, the dog should be allowed to get on the bus voluntarily.

In addition, the owner should consider that the dog may vomit several times during the previous training. After the dog vomits, the owner must not lose his temper, abuse and beat him. He should stop to comfort him and try to relieve the dog’s discomfort.

In the process of training, the master also needs to master a good attitude, not to worry, but to have the spirit of patience and persistence. In addition, during the training, the dog should be stable in the seat to prevent the dog from being excited due to fear, and pay attention to the safety during the training. It is believed that after a period of training, the pet dog will gradually adapt to the feeling of riding and will not get carsick.

Post time: Jun-27-2022