These actions of the dog are not coquettish, but a signal to ask you for help.

When a dog is sick, there are a variety of different symptoms. Therefore, the owner must strictly pay attention to whether the dog behaves differently than usual!

1. Butt Grinding

When your dog rubs his butt on the ground, he may have anal adenitis or a parasitic infection.

2. Constantly tickling, rubbing and rubbing

When your dog scratches with his feet or chews on his body, it can be related to bacterial infections, allergies, stress, parasites, skin sensitivity to body wash!

3. limping while walking

When the dog walks limping, it may be due to trauma or problems with bones, muscles, and nerves. The owner can first confirm whether the soles of the feet or the pads are injured.

4. Frequent licking of the pussy

Whether it is a bear dog or a female dog, they usually lick their genitals, and it is normal if they have some eczema or suppuration. If the color of the dog’s genitals is abnormal, or there is a large amount of secretion or pus, it means that the genitals may be inflamed, and special attention must be paid.

5. Convulsions

When dogs twitch, because they are likely to have lost consciousness, it will be dangerous for the owner to approach them casually at this time. It is best to wait for the dog to stabilize before sending the dog to the pet hospital as soon as possible.

6. Shaky body

If the dog wobbles when walking, it may be a neurological problem and must be taken to the veterinary hospital for diagnosis as soon as possible.

7. Don’t like being touched

Usually there is no problem, but if you suddenly don’t want to be picked up or touched, it may be because of illness or injury that causes body pain. Carefully observe the dog’s other movements or walking, etc., and pass this information to the doctor.

8. Shaking your head frequently

When the dog shakes its head, it may be due to an abnormality in the ears. If only foreign objects such as garbage enter the ear, shaking your head can solve it, but if it is otitis media or otitis media, you need treatment. If your dog shakes his head frequently, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Post time: Sep-09-2022