Which kind of cat litter is good? How to choose the right kind of cat litter?

hich kind of cat litter is good?

Cats need a variety of pet products, among which cat litter is a common one. There are many kinds of cat litter on the market. Many officials do not know how to choose different brands and types of cat litter. So what kinds of cat litter are there? Which kind of cat litter is better?

1. Coagulated cat litter

The condensed cat litter is fine sand, and the main component is bentonite, which is also called bentonite cat litter.

Advantages: it absorbs water quickly and forms hard blocks after absorbing water. After the cat litter is coagulated and consumed, it can continue to add new cat litter instead of replacing it all every time. For cats, this cat litter has the best touch. Good visual effect.

Disadvantages: the dust is large, light and subtle, and it is easy to be taken out of the cat’s claws, pollute the floor of the house or be eaten when the cat licks its feet. The deodorization effect is general.


2. Crystal cat litter

Crystal cat litter, also known as silica gel, is translucent and granular.

Advantages: strong water absorption capacity, color will change after water absorption, easy to identify, convenient for timely cleaning, certain anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial functions, strong deodorization function, relatively sanitary and beautiful, and long service life.

Disadvantages: the crystal cat litter is a round small particle, which is easy to be pulled out by cats to play. Some cats even eat it carelessly. Moreover, the smell of this cat litter is heavy after use. It can not be poured into the soil or the toilet when it is replaced. It can only be discarded in the garbage can.


3. Sawdust cat litter

Sawdust cat litter is mainly made of sawdust, pulp, wheat and natural binder.

Advantages: natural, non irritating, good deodorization function, excellent absorption performance, easy to clean, less dust, not easy to be penetrated, and long service life.

Disadvantages: it is easy to get damp and parasitize fleas, etc. for cats, the touch is rough, the wood smell may be disliked by cats, and the fine wood chips may stick to the cat’s hair and be easily carried to other places.


4. Scraps of paper cat litter

Paper litter cat litter is mainly made of paper materials and partially added with activated carbon.

Advantages: the texture is softer than that of sawdust cat litter, the particles are small, and the color is gray after urine is wet, which is easy to identify and clean in time. The external treatment method of paper dust cat litter can be directly poured into the toilet for flushing, and the operation is simple.

Disadvantages: the paper scraps cat litter is easy to be wet, with weak coagulating force and little water absorption. It is easy to become paste and stick to the cat’s hair and body. The deodorization function is general.


5. Tofu cat litter

It is a thin short columnar shape pressed by bean dregs. It smells like beans. After absorbing urine, it agglomerates.

Advantages: the lightest weight, convenient handling, strong coagulation and absorption, the least dust, good coagulation effect, environmental protection, and can be directly flushed into the toilet after use.

Disadvantages: some cats will eat clean bean curd sand. The humidity in the house is heavy, and it is easy to be affected by moisture and mold. The dried raw material is bean curd. If the hygiene is not good, it is easy to mold and grow and breed bacteria.


6. Corn cat litter

It is made of natural corn and has the smell of corn. After use, it can also be directly flushed into the toilet. It is a very convenient and easy-to-use environmental friendly cat litter.

Advantages: add baking soda, the odor suppression effect is quite good: light weight, easy to change sand, and use a single-layer cat litter basin; Less dust: the condensation force is quite good, which makes cleaning more time-saving and convenient, and also can effectively save the amount of cat litter,

Disadvantages: be careful that some cats like to eat, and some people can’t accept the taste. It is not suitable for the environment with high humidity. It is easy to be affected by moisture and may grow small insects, resulting in an unhygienic home environment.


The above are the common types of cat litter. How should cat owners choose the types of cat litter?

How to choose the right kind of cat litter?

There are many kinds of cat litter. If an inappropriate cat litter is selected, the cat may refuse to go to the toilet. Therefore, the cat litter selects the appropriate type of product. There are two main criteria for the selection of cat litter:

1. Quality of cat litter itself

The quality of the cat litter itself requires that the stronger the coagulation, the better the deodorization, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, have uniform particle size, round shape, and are not easy to break. You can try it first when selecting.

2. Do cats like cat litter

Cat litter is intended for cats, so it is necessary to choose the cat litter that cats like. If cats in BEIRU do not like the taste of pine wood, it is definitely not possible to buy sawdust cat litter. When selecting, you can first buy some and try to see if the cat likes it. If the cat shows resistance, does not go to the toilet in the litter, does not enter the litter basin, and comes out quickly after entering, it indicates that the cat does not like the litter and should be replaced in time.

Post time: Aug-29-2022