ODM/OEM Top Grade Pet Milk Powder Cat Goat Milk Powder

Short Description:

Goat milk powder

Ingredients: Whole milk powder, goat colostrum powder

Additive composition: Lactase, lactobacillus powder, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12

All-stage cat

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Suggested Dosage———Measuring scoop included (about 5 grams per level scoop)

2 weeks or less Feed every two hours, 20-40ml per day
3 weeks or less Feed every three hours, 40-60ml per day
3 weeks to 4 weeks Feed once every four hours, daily dose of 60-100ml, and then gradually reduce the number of times until the staple food can be used instead
Adjust the dosage flexibly according to actual needs; also discuss with the veterinarian to increase or decrease the dosage as appropriate

Suggested usage: Add 3 times of warm water to milk powder according to actual needs, and then add milk powder for dissolving and feeding, or add it directly to grain feeding.

Guaranteed value of product composition analysis (per kg content)

Lactase ≥100mg vitamin B6 ≥190mg
lactobacillus powder ≥300mg vitamin B12 ≥18ug
folic acid ≥5mg moisture ≤5%

Storage conditions: This product should be stored in a dry, cool place to prevent moisture and exposure. In order to maintain good flavor and freshness, please seal in time after opening.

Precautions ==== This product cannot be fed to ruminants
1. This product is for pets only.
2. It is normal for the product to have a slight color difference, which does not affect the quality of the product. Please use it with confidence.
3. After opening, please use it up within 180 days. If you find that the swollen bottle is damaged, do not feed it.

Model NO.: Pey food
Suitable for: All-stage cat
Flavour: Milk
Feature: All Natural
Type: Pet Nurture & Health Products
Color &Shape: White powder
Flowing Character: Good
Odor: Natural odor

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