OEM Pet Nutritional Supplement Dog Beauty Hair Tablets For Pet

Short Description:

Product name: Pet nutritional supplements

Net weight: 160*0.7g

Applicable to all stages

Ingredients: Egg yolk powder, glucose, maltodextrin, starch, whole milk powder, magnesium stearate, chicken liver powder

Additive composition: Vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, zinc oxide, manganese sulfate

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Guaranteed value of product composition analysis (per kg content)
Vitamin A ≥80000IU
Vitamin B1 ≥22mg
Vitamin B2 ≥30mg
Vitamin B6 ≥40mg
Vitamin E ≥80mg
Niacin ≥300mg
pantothenic acid ≥50mg
zinc ≥50mg
manganese ≥20mg
moisture ≤10%
Instructions for use
weight Daily feeding amount (tablets)
Below 5kg 2-3
5-10kg 4-6
10-25kg 7-9
25kg or more Below 10

Product Description

Instructions for use This product can be fed directly or mixed with staple food. The above recommended feeding amount is adjusted according to the weight, age and activity of the pet. Can be fed directly or mixed with main food.

Storage conditions: This product should be stored in a dry, cool place to prevent moisture and exposure. In order to maintain good flavor and freshness, please seal the package in time after opening and keep it in a cool, dry and clean place.

Precautions – This product must not be fed to ruminants
1. This product is only for pets
2. It is normal for the product to have a slight color difference, which does not affect the quality of the product. Please use it with confidence.
3. After opening, please use it up within 180 days. If you find that the swollen bottle is damaged, do not feed it.

Key words: Pet nutritional supplements
Apply to: Applicable to all stages
Type: Pet Nurture & Health Products
Appearance: Dry and clean place
Suitable for: Dog
Brand: OEM/ODM
Shape: Flake
Package: Bottled

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