OEM/ODM Pet Nutritional Supplement Extraneous Nutritional Cream For Dog And Cat

Short Description:

Name: Pet nutritional supplement
Extraneous nutritional cream
Improve pets’ health
Promote the development of young pet care stomach

Product Detail

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Product Function

1.The cream can effectively enhance the baby’s constitution and help the immune system and digestive system of the newborn baby to smoothly transition to the growth stage

2.Regulating the intestines and stomach can significantly improve the intestinal microbial population, reduce the production and growth of harmful bacteria, regulate the intestinal balance, and promote intestinal peristalsis

3.Multivitamins maintain normal visual function, promote growth, maintain the growth and development of epithelial tissue cells, promote bone growth and help tooth growth

Storage conditions: keep tightly covered in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, and eat as soon as possible after sealing

Note: This product is a health care product for pets, please keep it properly to avoid accidental ingestion by children. This product shall not be fed to ruminants

Additive composition: vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, iron niacin, calcium lactate, etc

Ingredients: malt syrup, colostrum powder, vegetable oil, etc

Product composition analysis guaranteed value: (content per kilogram)

Vitamin1280IU-15000IU Vitamin A≥14000IU iron≥18-98mg Iodine 28 mg – 90 mg
Vitamin B2 ≥120mg Vitamin E≥260IU Moisture ≥50%

Cat Usage

Kittens (0-8 months) 1-3 cm/day
Adult cat (more than August) 3-5 cm/day

Dog Usage

<5kg 2-5 cm/day
5-15kg 5 — 8 cm/day
≥15kg 8-10 cm/day


Apply to: Cats and dogs
Function: Improve pets’ health ,Promote the development of young pet care stomach
Type: Pet Health Care & Supplements
Health Care Type: Nutritional supplements
Feeding method: Feed directly after opening, or mix food
Feature: Sustainable
Color: Colorful
Key words: Nutritious Cream
Material: TPE
Season: All seasons
Shipping: Support Express · Sea freight · Land freight · Air freight

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