OEM/ODM Pet Nutritional Supplements Natural Organic Seaweed Powder for Dog and Cat

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Pet Nutritional Supplements Natural Organic Seaweed Powder
Affinity formula for dogs and cats
healthy nutrition, happy growth
Net content: 15g*20 packs
Additive composition: fructooligosaccharide, niacinamide, calcium D-pantothenate, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, folic acid, acetate, vitamin A, vitamin K3, etc.
Ingredients: Organic seaweed powder, egg yolk lecithin, etc.

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Guaranteed value of the main component analysis of the product: (content per kilogram).

A≥3000IUvitamin A≥3000IU E≥200mgVitamin E≥200mg
B1≥300mgvitamin B1≥300mg B2≥8mgvitamin B2≥8mg
B6≥120mgvitamin B6≥120mg B12≥80mgvitamin B12≥80mg

Product Features

1. Quickly supplement the nutrition of dog and cat hair follicles and hair roots, promote epithelial cell nutrition absorption and metabolism, and promote keratin production. Strengthens the skin’s natural barrier function, leaving the coat smooth and shiny.
2. Tough hair, improve coat color, keep the nose black, prevent skin sensitivity of dogs and cats, improve rough, dry, disheveled fur and reduce the occurrence of skin problems.
3. Nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins can promote hair growth, repair damaged hair, reduce hair loss, and promote the regeneration of skin and hair in dogs and cats during molting.
4. Promote recovery and postoperative recovery, reduce dander and excessive hair loss caused by dryness, and ensure healthy skin and coat for dogs and cats.
Instructions for use: Mix in pet food or drinking water. The temperature of the food and drinking water should not be higher than 40℃.
Recommended feeding amount: 15 grams per pack

Small dogs and cats 1-5kg1-5kg 3g-5g3g-5g
Medium-sized dogs and cats 5-10kg5-10kg 5g-8g5g-8g
10-20kg10-20kg 5g-10g5g-10g
Large dogs and cats 20kg or more 8g-15g8g-15g

The amount of feeding can be increased or decreased according to the actual situation


Ask: Is algal powder good to black effect of dog nose?
A: It worked very well! Seaweed powder contains natural minerals copper and protein, which are important components of tyrosinase synthesis. Tyrosinase catalyzed decomposition, tyrosine can be converted into melanin, helping dogs to precipitate pigment on the nose and make the nose black and bright.

Ask: How long can seaweed powder appear effect?
A: This depends on whether the dog situation is serious, the state of a better cycle effect is more obvious, serious need two to three cycles!

Q: What does seaweed powder taste like? Do dogs like it?
A: Many people have reported that dogs love to eat. Seaweed powder is chicken flavor, good taste, if you love your pet is not accustomed to the taste of seaweed powder, you can feed seaweed powder with pet food, canned food or yogurt, and other pet food.

Ask: Does algal powder have hormone inside, can you have side effect?
A: Our seaweed powder is a natural extraction of Marine plant essence, does not contain hormones, will not have side effects.

Storage conditions: Please keep the lid tightly in a cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight. Please consume it as soon as possible after opening.
Precautions: This product is a health product for pets, please keep it properly to prevent children from eating it by mistake. This product must not be fed to ruminants.

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