OEM/ODM Pet dog Nutrition Supplement Tablet For Pets Promote Digestion

Short Description:

Product Function

In improving the symptoms of anorexia, partial eating and picky eating caused by indigestion, Add a variety of digestive enzymes and probiotics, help dogs and cats regulate gastrointestinal function, promote intestinal peristalsis, improve digestion absorption rate, enhance appetite
Restore dog and cat appetite, increase food intake, improve constipation, bad breath, odorous stool and other symptoms

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Recommended Feeding Amount

Small dogs and cats: 2-3 tablets/day for medium dogs and 4-6 tablets/day for cats
5-8 tablets per day for small dogs The amount of feeding can be increased or decreased according to the actual situation
This product can be fed directly or mixed with staple food. The above recommended feeding amounts are adjusted according to the pet’s weight, age and activity level. Can be fed directly or mixed with main foods.
Storage condition:
Please keep the lid in a cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight, please eat as soon as possible after opening
matters need attention:
This product is health care product for pets. Please keep it properly to avoid accidental ingestion by children. Do not feed ruminant animals
Additive composition: protease, lipase, papaya enzyme, amylase, cellulase, lactobacillin, calcium pantothenate, compound bacteria
Raw material composition:
sheep milk powder, hawthorn powder
Composition analysis guaranteed value: per kilogram content

Xylanase ≥ 3000U Cellulase ≥300U Protease acuity 100 u
The amylase 32 or u Moisture 10% or less


Mix in pet food or water. The temperature of food and water should not be higher than 40 degrees
Use within 180 days of opening do not use if there is any damage to the swollen bottle
Net content: 220 tablets ×0.5g/ tablet
It is valid for 24 months
Type Pet breeding and health products
This product is for pet use only in accordance with pet feed health regulations

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