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Short Description:

Prevent bites from lice, ticks, etc
Wideth: 1cm
Lenth: 70cm, 38cm
Carton size:54*30*38cm
Big size: one box is 60g, 200boxes/carton, weight is 17kgs
Small size: one box is 40g, 340boxes/carton, weight is 15kgs
Sphere of application
Dogs over 7 weeks old
Prevent and treat flea infection for 7 to 8 months

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Product Description

Inhibiting the development of juvenile fleas protects the animal’s environment for up to 8 months
Repel and kill ticks for up to 8 months
Adjuvant treatment of atopic dermatitis caused by fleas
What does a pet collar do
Pet collar is a collar worn around the neck by pets. There are three main functions of pet collar :
Control and lead pets:
A pet collar and leash can be used to control your dog while you are out, so as not to disturb others or endanger your dog’s safety.
Adornment effect :
Now many pet collars are colorful, but also according to the owner’s requirements for special fixing, jacquard, heat transfer printing, soft processing, beautiful, pet wearing is also more beautiful.
3. Leave your contact information:
Pet collar can also be engraved on the word, write pet name, address, pet owner contact phone number, lost when a good samaritans pick up will inform you.

Operating Instruction

Place the collar around the pet’s neck and slip the end of the collar through the clasp to fit
Leave 2-3 inches of space for pet growth and extra conditioning
Buckle into place and cut off any excess length
Normally, the collar is replaced every eight months
In cases of severe infestation, the collar should be changed frequently
Pets can wear collars 24 hours a day while bathing or playing in the rain

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