Pet Calcium with Vitamin Tablets Pet milk Calcium tablet Solid Powder Milk

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Product name: Pet milk Calcium tablet
Important nutrients for forming chondrocytes, matrix and joint fluid, helping to produce more protein and increase bone density
Promote the synthesis and metabolism of chondrocytes and accelerate the regeneration of new bone after fracture; Maintain articular cartilage function
Increase calcium ion absorption to prevent imbalance of calcium and phosphorus ratio, etc.

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Each tablet contains glucosamine hydrochloride 45mg, milk zinc calcium 30mg, chondroitin sulfate 15mg, organic sulfur 10mg, vitamin C20IU, vitamin E150IU, organic manganese 5mg, etc
Usage and Dosage For small pets: 1 tablet for puppy kitten 2 tablets for adult dog at day
Medium dog type Puppies 2 tablets
Large dog type Puppies 4 tablets day adult 6 tablets day
Feeding instructions This product is nutrition food for pets and can be fed directly or put into food for long-term use.
Validity: 3 years
Suitable for dog and cat storage: keep away from light and keep in cool place

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