Pet Dog Nutrition Supplement Pet Formula Milk Powder

Short Description:

Usage and Dosage
Add 5 g milk powder and 30 ml warm water (with small spoon, 5 g per spoon)
First, add at least a small amount of warm boiling water about 40°, then add an appropriate amount of warm boiling water to stir and dissolve, wait until the temperature reaches about 37° feeding

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Product Description

weight Feeding  frequency
Age Less than 1 kg 1kg-2.5kg More than 2.5 kg All of the above are a feeding, within 3 months the dog is fed 3-4 times a day, more than 3 months the dog can be fed according to the usual diet, should not be overfed
Within1 month 10-20ml 15-30ml 30ml
1to3 months 10-30ml 20-40ml 40ml
Pregnant dogs over 3 months old and weak 20ml/kg One feeding should not exceed 120ml Can also be directly mixed into the grain feeding
The above table is for reference only, can be adjusted according to the actual situation of pets

Raw material composition
Sheep milk powder, whole milk powder, whey protein, egg yolk powder, glucose, yeast extract, etc
Additive composition:
Lysine, vitamin A, vitamin D3, B vitamins, lactase, DHA, prebiotics, lactoferrin, etc Component analysis guaranteed value
Protein ≥18% fat ≥16% Ash ≤5.5% Moisture ≤4.5%

Vitamin B1 or 300 mg Vitamin B2 acuity 8 mg Vitamin B6 or 140 mg
Vitamin B12 or 70 mg P 3000 iu vitamin A 45 iu vitamin D3 or greater
36 mg calcium or higher Or 150 mg of iron Zinc or 70 mg

Product Efficacy

Select high-quality milk source, low lactose, low casein, not easy to cause dog allergy, high-quality animal protein, easy to digest and absorb

According to the special situation of lactose intolerance in dogs, as well as the health condition of pet intestines and skin, lactose enzyme is added, a variety of probiotics close to breast milk, easy digestion and absorption, and good palatability of nutrition supplement
Lactoferrin is specially added to stimulate natural protection and protect respiratory and digestive health
Add prebiotics to protect the whole intestine and improve the weak constitution of dogs. Promote gastrointestinal digestion and absorption to protect the healthy and balanced growth of each dog
DHA promotes brain nerve development, complete and rich animal protein and nutrients, and improves the nervous system and vision development of puppies
Storage suggestions:
Please keep the lid in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, please eat as soon as possible after opening
matters need attention
To ensure safety and hygiene, please use a clean container for brewing. After brewing, goat’s milk should not be kept for a long time. Goat’s milk is full liquid and high protein food, and it is normal to have thin milk after feeding
Milk transfer mode:
When you drink milk powder for the first time, dilute it as much as possible, and then gradually return to normal concentration within 2-3 days. If your pet becomes unwell, you need to dilute the milk powder again and reduce the feeding amount. If there is no improvement, please stop feeding
Note: the prepared product should be fed within one hour, the remaining milk should be discarded

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