Pet Nutritional Supplement For Cat Nose

Short Description:

Pet nutritional supplement

Nose hits

Additive composition:
Lysine, silkworm mildew active polypeptide, vitamin A vitamin D3 etc
Material composition: poly glucose, maltodextrin and so on

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Product Description

Product composition analysis guaranteed value: (per kg content).

Lysine≥500g vitamin A≥4000IU
vitamin D≥45IU Moisture ≤10.0%

Product Function

1. For cats, runny nose, weight loss, loss of appetite, distraction, tears, paroxysms of cough Mental depression has a good adjunctive therapeutic effect
2. Lysine is a basic amino acid that promotes development and improves the function of central nervous tissue
3. Smooth respiration can dissolve cough and short breath, warm lungs and spleen, smooth breath, weaken the breeding environment of pathogens of feline nasal branch, and reduce the stimulation of nasolacrimal duct
4. All ages can adapt to the low sensitivity formula, strong body, mild no stimulation, easy to absorb nutrients to improve the constitution


Mix in pet food or water. The temperature of food and water should not be higher than 40 degrees
Recommended feeding amount: 5 grams per packet

Cat weight range Suggested usage Feed can be increased or decreased according to actual conditions
≤2.5kg Every time 3 g
2.5-5kg Every 3-5 g
5-15kg g each time
≥15kg 8-10 g each time

Storage conditions: keep tightly covered in a cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight, please eat as soon as possible after opening
matters need attention: This product is health care product for pets. Please keep it properly to avoid accidental ingestion by children. This product shall not be fed to ruminants

Specification: 5g/count
Suitable for: Cat


Q1: Can you accept OEM service?
A: We are happy to providing OEM and ODM service.

Q2: Can I get the free samples of standard products?
A: Free samples are available with freight cost collected.

Q3: What service can you provide?
A: We have a professional R&D department, which can offer customized formula, flavor, color and packaging.

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