Pet Nutritional Supplement Pet Formula Goat Milk Powder for Cat

Short Description:

Kitten friendly formula

Net content: 260g

Raw material composition: Sheep milk powder, skim milk powder, whey protein, yolk powder, cod live oil power, yeast extract, etc.

Additive composition: Lysine, taurine, vitaminA, vitamnD3, Bvitamins,organic zinc, organic selenium, organic iron, lactase, compound beneficial bacteria, lactoferrin, etc.

Component Analysis Guaranteed Value: (Product Analysis Guaranteed Value/kg)
protein≥18% Fat≥16% Ash≤5.5% moisture≤4.5%

Product Detail

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Vitamin B1≥300mg Vitamin B2≥12mg Vitamin B6≥140mg
Vitamin B12≥70mg Vitamin A≥3000IU Vitamin D3≥60IU
calcium≥25mg iron≥150mg Zinc >70mg
selenium≥40mg Taurine≥10g Lysine≥6g

Product Efficacy

1. Develop a personal formula for cat’s intestines and stomach as well as nutritional needs. it is easier to absorb, less allergic and closer to the ingredients of cat’s milk.
2. Affinity formula, whey protein+lactoferrin double protein,innate small molecule, easy absorption and full absorption of breast milk.
3. Selected high-quality milk source, low lactose, not easy to cause cat allergy, high-quality animal protein, easier to digest and absorb.
4. Added taurine and lysine to maintain the normal growth and development of cats, prevent the nasal branches of cats, and consolidate the health of cats’brain, eyes and heart.

Usage and dosage

Add a small amount of warm water (about 40 ℃) to boil the goat milk ponder. and hen adi some warm boiled water to dissolve it.When the termperals oes no abon 37 t, feed it.

Weight Feeding frequency
Age Less than 1kg 1kg-2.5kg 2.5kg or more The above are all feeding amounts at one time. Cats are fed 3-4 times a day within 3 months. Cats over 3 months can be fed according to their usual eating habits, and it is not advisable to feed them too much.
within 1 month 10-20ml 15-30ml 30ml
1-3 months 10-30ml 20-40ml 40ml
Pregnant, elderly and frail cats over 3 months 20ml/kg One feeding should not exceed 120ml It can also be directly mixed into the food for feeding

Storage Suggestion: Keep dogs in a cool and dry place under close cover,and avoid direct sunlight. Please finish eating as soon as possible after opening.

Notes: In order to ensure safety and hygiene, please use clean containers to brew.Sheep milk after brewing should not be kept for a long time. It should be drinkable in time. Sheep milk is a high-protein food with full fluid. It is norma to have thin milk dung after feeding, which does not belong to diarrhea. This product is a health care product for pets. Please keep it properly to avoid children eating it by mistake.

Transfer mode: First feeding milk powder, try to dilute a little, and then within2-3 days,gradually return to normal concentration. If the pet is uncomfortable, the milk powder should be diluted again and the feeding dosage should be reduced. If there is no improvement, please stop feeding and decide whether to feed according to the follow-up observation. Note: This product should be fed in one hour and the remaining milk should be discarded.

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