Pet Nutritional Supplement Taurine For Cat

Short Description:

Pet nutritional supplement taurine
Cat affinity formula
Additive composition
Taurine, silkworm active peptide, B vitamins, folic acid, etc
Raw material composition
Poly glucose, dextrin and so on.

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Product Description

Product composition analysis guaranteed value: (per kg content).

Taurine acuity 4000 mg Vitamin B1 or 80 mg
Vitamin 55 mg vitamin B2 or greater B2≥55mg Vitamin B6≥35mg35 mg vitamin B6 or greater
Vitamin ED acuity 400 iu Moisture 10% or less

Product Function

Supplement taurine to prevent retinal degeneration bright eyes
Vegetative myocardium; Maintain normal blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, arrhythmia
Intelligence development: promote the development of nervous system and cell proliferation, promote the brain tissue and brain intelligence development of young individuals
Enhance physical fitness; Enhance cellular immune phagocytosis and promote the generation of immunoglobulin


Mix in pet food or water. The temperature of food and water should not be higher than 40 degrees
Recommended feeding amount: 5 grams per packet

Cat weight range Suggested usage Feed can be increased or decreased according to actual conditions
≤2.5kg Every time 3 g
2.5-5kg Every 3-5 g
5-15kg each time
≥15kg each time

Color: White or off-white
Appearance: White or off-white powder
Smell: odorless Perfect for all cats and dogs
This product is pet health care product. Please keep it in case of accidental
Storage conditions: keep tightly covered in a cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight, please eat as soon as possible after opening
Matters need attention
This product is health care product for pets. Please keep it properly to avoid accidental ingestion by children. This product shall not be fed to ruminants

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