Pet Nutritional Supplement Trace Element For Dog And Cat

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Pet nutritional supplement microelement

Additive composition: Calcium ammonia phosphate, potassium iodide, ferric glycine, copper glycine, manganese sulfate, zinc glycine, sodium selenite, multivitamin, folic acid, niacin, etc
Raw material composition: Poly glucose, yeast extract, etc

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Copper 2100-3200 mg Selenium64-96 mg
iron 12400-18600 mg Vitamin B1 ≥600mg
Zinc15600-23400 mg Vitamin B6≥18mg
Manganese. 16000-24000 mg calcium pantothenate ≥36mg
Iodine 192-280 mg Moisture ≤10%

The lack of trace elements in the growth process of dogs and cats can easily cause the symptoms of appetite loss, pica, anemia and progressive emaciation
Zinc not only promotes the growth and weight gain of pets, but also contributes to immune improvement
The lack of necessary iron and manganese in the body can also easily cause anemia and slow bone growth in pets

Product Function

1. Compound formula, protect the health of fur, trace elements scientific formula than vitamins, restore the health and vitality of love pet to make love pet strong
2. Gently protect intestines, reduce adverse stimulation to intestines and stomach to reduce the probability of discomfort, double absorption to enter the absorption site in ion state to accelerate nutrition absorption
3. Bid farewell to pica, improve pet licking wall, irritability, hair loss, anemia, pica, bright hair black nose, strong growth.

Instructions: Mix in pet food or water. The temperature of food and water should not be higher than 40C
Recommended feeding amount: 15g per packet

Small dogs and cats 1-5kg 3g-5g
Medium sized dogs and cats 5-10kg 5g-8g
Large dogs and cats 20kg or more 8g-15g

Feed amount can increase and decrease according to actual situation

Storage conditions: Storage conditions: please cover tightly and keep in a cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight, please eat as soon as possible after opening

Matters needing attention: This product is health care product for pets. Please keep it properly to avoid accidental ingestion by children. This product shall not be fed to ruminants

Type: Pet Nurture & Health Products
Suitable for: Dogs ang cats
Model NO.: Pet Trace Element Supplements

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