OEM/ODM Pet Nutritional Supplements Big Bone Calcium Tablets

Short Description:

Affinity formula for dogs and cats

Healthy nutrition and happy growth

Net content: 220 pieces*0.5g/piece

Additive composition: Calcium lactate, large bone chelated calcium,calcium hydrogen phosphate,calcium carbonate, vitamin A, vitamin D3, amino acids, immune synergists,etc.

Raw material composition: Plant fat powder, glucose, etc.

Product Detail

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Product Description

Ingredient Analysis Guaranteed Value (content per kg)

calcium lactate≥0.6% vitamin D3≥75IU phosphorus≥0.3%
thbrthdrexvbdr≥36mg niacin≥40mg Moisture≤10%

Product Features

1.Adding vitamin D3 can make the process of calcium ion dissociation simpler, more direct easier to absorb and safer.
2. Promote the growth and development of young dogs and cats hel toth formation, increase bone toughness, strengthen muscles and bones, and help postpartum recovery.
3. Scientific proportioning can dissolve and absorb calcium adequately avoid bone problems caused by calcium deficiency.

Instructions: When mixed with pet food or drinking water the temperature of food and drinking water should not be higher than 40 C.

Recommended feeding amount

Small dogs and cats: 2-3 tablets/day Medium dogs and cats: 4-6 tablets/day
Large dogs and cats: 5-8 tablets/day The amount of feeding can be increased or decreased according to the actual situation

Storage conditions: Please keep it in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlightPlease finish eating it as soon as possible after opening,

Precautions: This product is a health care product for pets.Please keep it properly to avoid children eating it by mistake. This product should not be fed to ruminants.

Apply to: Cats and dogs
Keyword: pet nutritional supplements
Specification: 220 pieces*0.5g/piece


Q1: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 20-45 days depends on the products and custom requirements.

Q2: Can you accept OEM service?
A: We are happy to providing OEM and ODM service.

Q3: Can I get the free samples of standard products?
A: Free samples are available with freight cost collected.

Q4: Can you custom small samples under my requirements before production?
A: Yes, but there is charges.
Shelf Life
24 Months

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