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Short Description:

Prevent bites from lice, ticks, etc
Wideth: 1cm
Lenth: 65cm/48cm
Carton size: 54*30*38cm
Big size: 200boxes/carton, weight is 17kgs, one box is 60g
Small size: 340boxes/carton, weight is 15kgs, one box is 40g

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Product Description

Flea and tick collar for dogs cats
Long-lasying protection
Safe and eco-friendly

Main Advantages

Pet collar system’s main point is that once, after a pet has run out of the safety range set by the user will automatically start the “lost” model, and in the collar of the LED screen display host reserved name, contact information, and through a small program, APP, such as SMS way immediately notify to the owner, in addition to take a camera and precise positioning system,  Entity collar also built in all kinds of sensors, such as temperature detection equipment, testing equipment, high detection equipment, etc., through data exchange, the system can accurately know the pet background height and environment, in the pet in the water or high temperature environment, be able to timely warning, omni-directional to avoid the loss of a pet, help pet owners security of a pet!

Special water
Resistance design
Instruction for use
Put the collar around the Pet’s neck, slip the end of the collar through the buckle and adjust for fit
Leave a room about 2-3 inches for pet growth and extra adjustment
Buckle in place and cut off the excessive length
Under normal condition, the collar should be replaced every8 months
Under condition of severe infestation, repiace the collar more often
Pet can wear the collar 24 hours pet day while taking a bath or piaying in the rain
Ingredients: Imidacloprid—2% Flumethrin—1%
Gycerol—5% Thermoplastic rubber—92%

Main Export Markets

Asia Australasia Eastern Europe Mid East/Africa
North America Western Europe Central /America
Payment Method: Advance TT , T / T , Western Union, PayPal ,/ C .
Delivery Details: within 30-50days after confirming the order

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