San Zhi Xiao Zhu Swine Drugs for pigs

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Main components: multivitamins, lysozyme, oligosaccharides, enzyme-producing probiotics, rehmannia, yeast selenium, nucleotide peptides, isatis, licorice, gentian, psyllium, angelica, gardenia, firewood Fourteen herbal extracts of Hu et al.
Main efficacy: Clear toxins, no constipation, less sickness, good pregnancy, clear liver and kidney, more litter

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500gram/bag*30bag/ package
method of application:1 bag of drinking water 500kg
Shelf life: 24months


1. Clear internal heat, anti-virus, improve immunity,
2. Increase feed intake, reduce fever, refresh
3. Clear tear spots, purpura, swelling and stasis
4. Improve sow performance and shorten farrowing
5. Increase piglet birth weight
product name: San zhi xiao zhu
common name: Multivitamin + Lysozyme


Lysozyme: antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antiviral, improve intestinal microecological environment, enhance digestion and absorption function, kill harmful bacteria, reduce
Low mycotoxins damage to the body’s immune system. Participates in a variety of immune responses of the body, and plays an important role in maintaining the body’s physiological balance in the body’s normal defense function and non-specific immunity: it can strengthen the resistance of body defense factors such as properdin and beta-globulin to infection; stimulate the immune system , stimulate the phagocytosis of phagocytic cells in the body; decompose pus, repair wound tissue, and enhance local defense function.
Multivitamins: supplement vitamins, regulate metabolism, enhance immunity and anti-stress ability, improve fertility, promote motherhood
Ovulation and fertilization in pigs to promote mammary gland development.
Fourteen Chinese herbal medicines: clearing heat and detoxifying, protecting the liver and gallbladder, nourishing qi and nourishing blood, expelling endotoxin, improving immunity and disease resistance.

Product Features

This product is rich in a variety of vitamins, trace elements, macro elements, and amino acids. It can supplement and balance nutrition, meet the nutritional needs of animals in various physiological and pathological states such as livestock and poultry, and activate the body’s ability to resist various diseases. effect
1. The traditional and classic Chinese medicine formula is combined with modern production technology, which is absorbed well and has quick effect and long-lasting function.
2. Clearing fever and detoxification, protecting liver and kidney, anti-virus, clearing internal heat, preventing edema, and effectively solving constipation, tear spots and purpura.
3. Increase feed intake, reduce fever, refresh the mind, induce the body to produce interferon, relieve immunosuppression, and have poor immunity.
Unknown fever caused by mycotoxins and endotoxins has special effects.
4. Improve the vitality of newborn piglets, with good uniformity, strong disease resistance of piglets, significantly reduced yellow and white diarrhea, and high survival rate of piglets.
5. Improve sow body function, improve production performance, shorten labor process, promote sow mammary gland development, and increase milk production
Lactating piglets are exempt from selenium supplementation.
6. Postpartum physique recovers quickly, shortens the estrus interval, reduces the rate of return to estrus, promotes ovulation, and prolongs the use cycle of sows.


500g of this product is mixed with 500kg or 1000kg of water. It should be used one month before delivery until weaning; the sow is healthy
Herds in poor condition double the dosage for one week.
Precautions: Use as soon as possible after opening, the occasional hardening will not affect the curative effect.
storage: Sealed, protected from light, and stored in a dry place.
Packaging Specifications: 500g/bag

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