Sand Bentonite cat litter Dust-free particle pet supplies Strong deodorization Quickly clumps

Short Description:

Features: dust-free

Storage requirements: moisture-proof

Features: Powerful deodorant

Application: Pet Cleaning Supplies

Application: Cat

Operation Type: Manual

Size: Small, 1-4mm

Waterproof: not waterproof

Clumping:Hard Clump

Scent:Coffee, Apple, Lavender, Lemon, Babypowder

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

Range Bentonite Cat Litter
shape spherical
color white
Diameter 1-4mm
Absorption rate ≥300%
Moisture 2~4%
Dust ≤1%
Other clumps

Chemical Composition:

SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO Na2O K2O
70.41% 14.41% 1.71% 2.1% 1.52% 1.88% 0.46%

Physical indicators:
Water absorption: 300-400%
Moisture content:2-4



1. Quickly absorb water and unite firmly.

2. Deodorant factor to lock odor. The unique deodorant is large, and the micro-pores all over the body can quickly absorb odors, block the spread of odors and ensure fresh air.

3. Low dust to protect health. Efficient dust removal process to protect the cat’s respiratory health.


Why choose us?

1 No toxic with made from natural material — bentonite, safe for you and your lovely pets.

2 Ultra low dust, clean and eco-friendly

3 Strong absorption ability, fast condensation —- It forms clumping immediately with cats’ feces or urine.

4 Super odor control,a large number of tiny pores in cat litter particles can firmly locked smelling.



1.Can you put my brand name(logo) on these products?

Yes,we can do OEM or ODM.

2.How about your quality?

A: We have the super strong capacity to supply high and stable quality goods. And insure that supply you the same products as you see because we want to do long and stable business with you. And each produce line with inspector to inspect products before delivery.

3.Is YYL cat litter safe for cats, people and the environment?

Yes. We have confidence in the safety of our product for you, your cat and the environment. YYL cat litter is safe for people and pets because it contains no chemical. It’s safe for the planet. We always care what you care!!

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