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Product parameters:

Product Name: Vegetable tofu cat litter

Ingredients: tofu dregs, starch, guar gum

Specification: 6L (about 2.3kg)

Package size: length 20 * width 6 * height 38cm

Classification: original flavor, green tea flavor, honey peach flavor, lavender flavor, bamboo charcoal flavor

Shelf life: 24 months

Storage method: put it in a ventilated, cool and dry place

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1.It only needs 3S to absorb water and 3S to form a group quickly.

2.Good raw materials make good cat litter: tofu residue + pea raw materials, biodegradable, not afraid of eating by mistake.

3.Fresh and natural fragrance: plant material, without additives, does not stimulate the smell of cats.

4.Plant 0 addition: tofu dregs + fresh peas + corn starch, safe and edible.

5.Sponge water absorption max:2s water absorption, and it’s too late to sink to form a mass.

6.Firm agglomeration: small particles of bentonite fill the gap, and the agglomeration is more firm and solid, easy to shovel and not easy to disperse.

7.Farewell to sticky bottom: the cat litter is agglomerated and tight, and it is clean with a shovel.

8.2mm particles: 2mm beancurd sand conforms to the size of cat’s feet, which is not easy to bring out or break, and reduces dust.

9.High hardness, less dust: 6 dust removal processes, particle hardness 55, dry and dust-free, care for the health of the cat’s respiratory tract.

10.Direct flushing: it dissolves quickly in water, and can flush the toilet, which is more worry-free.

11.Dissolve in water: cat litter dissolves immediately in water, which is the Savior of lazy people. There is no need to worry about garbage classification.


Q1:Could I have prices of your products?
A:Welcome. Please feel free to send us an email here. You will get our reply in 24 hours.

Q2. Can we print our logo/website/company name on products?
Yes, MOQ 1T.

Q3:What’s the lead time for regular order?
A:7 days for order quantity 30T.

Q4:Can I get a discount?
A:Yes, for the order quantity more than 1T, please contact us to get the best price.

Q5: Do you inspect the finished products?
A:Yes, each step of production and finished products will be came out inspection by QC department before shipping.

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