Tylvalosin Tartrate Soluble Powder Animal Antibiotic Drugs

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Main efficacy: Mycoplasma pneumonia, swine pneumonia, Haemophilus parasite, infectious pleuropneumonia, swine influenza, infectious atrophic rhinitis, respiratory syndrome, PRRS, circovirus disease, etc. Porcine ileitis, hemorrhagic dysentery, swine red dysentery, gastroenteritis, swine erysipelas, mycoplasma arthritis, necrotizing enteritis, etc.

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100gram/bag*100bag/ package
method of application: 1 pack of drinking water 200kg
Main components: 20% Tylvalosin

Shelf life: 24months
Powder: Yes
Appearance: Light Yellow Powder
Model NO.: Tylosin Tartrate Soluble Powder
Storage: Keep Sealed in Cool and Dry Place
Transport Package: Carton
Main Component: Tylosin
Character: This product is a kind of white or light yellow powder.


This product is used for treating the mycoplasma and  Sentitive bacteria infection of chicken, for example the Chronic respiratory disease and infectious coryza etc.
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apply to
pig、sheep, cattle, etc.

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