Vc Ice Animial Cool Vc for Pet Heatstroke Medicine

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The system. The use of poultry peak egg production, can obviously prolong the peak egg production, improve the quality of eggshell, color, improve Egg weight. It can regulate the function of various organs, maintain the balance of metabolism, and quickly remove the spread of bursa of fabry-Peri, kidney and mildew Liver enlargement, kidney enlargement and other organ damage caused by bacterial infection and long-term drug use; Promote the transformation and metabolism of drugs Process, so that drug residue quickly out of the body.

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500g / bag * 30 bags / piece
method of application: A bag of drinking water is 2,000 jin
Main components: Vitamin C, peppermint, Ineol, taurine

Main efficacy

This product is vitamin anti-stress drug additive. With detoxification, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy,
Improve body resistance and other effects. This product has the effect of cooling and relieving heat, and can improve the body’s tolerance to various stresses
It can effectively prevent typhoid fever caused by high temperature and cold weather, and improve production efficiency.
This product can resist various kinds of stress, such as heat stress,
Cold stress, transcluster debeaking, vaccination, transportation, etc.
This product adds astragalus polysaccharide, taurine and other components, can promote the body to produce strong immunity, increase Strong resistance to disease, promote the body to produce interferon, prevent virus replication in the body, can promote the body to recover quickly.
Shelf life (24 months)

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