Yuan Kang PET Heat Antidotes For Animal

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Effect: 1. Heat-clearing and detoxifying, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.
2. Nourishes righteousness and eliminates pathogenic factors, promotes immunity.
3. Relieve stress, speed up recovery, improve immunity, enhance resistance, and reduce the concentration of ammonia in the house.

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500g/bag*30bags/ package
method of application: 500g mix 500kg
Main components: Chinese herbal extracts such as taurine, astragalus, dandelion, Banqing granules
Main efficacy: Clear heat and detoxify, enhance immunity, anti-virus, improve intestinal flora
Shelf life: 18months


Q: Is there any discount for regular customer?
A: Yes. It depends on your quantity.

Q: Any sample for testing before the order?
A: 10-20 free sample, but you need to prepay the freight. Or the sample.

Q: Which kind of payment do you accept?
A: Normally, you can pay by T/T and L/C


Functions and indications:
clearing away heat and detoxifying, antibacterial.
1. It has outstanding therapeutic effects on various viral diseases such as avian influenza, duck plague, infectious bursal disease, Newcastle disease, branch transmission, and throat transmission.
2. It has unique curative effect on various viral and bacterial intestinal infections.
3. for all kinds of mixed infection, secondary infection, latent infection, etc.
4. It has obvious therapeutic effect on unexplained diseases.
5. It has a high curative effect on infections and mixed infections caused by a variety of bacteria, mycoplasma and viruses.
6. Regulation of immune function: Astragalus has the effect of enhancing the phagocytic function of the reticuloendothelial system, can significantly activate the transformation of lymphocytes, and improve the body’s immunity. Promote gastrointestinal function, increase livestock feed intake, and unwind appetizers. It has inhibitory effect on Shigella, Staphylococcus aureus, Typhoid Bacillus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
7. Antiviral traditional Chinese medicine extract factors and immune boosters can improve the body’s immunity and effectively resist virus invasion.

Name: Yuan kang
Brand: OEM/ODM

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